Design Philosophy

Oscar & Izzy is a culmination of the inspiration taken from family history and local PA traditions – along with an eye toward Scandinavian designs. When it comes to backsplashes, why tread the traditional route of tans and grays and whites? Why can’t a backsplash be a true and unique work of art? Something that brings personality and life to a space, or even starts a conversation?

Amy’s designs reflect the basic belief that simple and colorful is always better. In designing looks for companies, products, weddings and more, her tendency is to go BOLD. Behind Oscar & Izzy is also the passion for preserving a connection to the past, from which to push forward, brightly.

The final pillar of Amy’s work is quality. The best suppliers for Oscar & Izzy were selected only through months of interviews and testing. Materials, texture, and craftsmanship are of paramount importance for a product on display everyday in your home. And (obviously!) the colors had to be just right.